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  • Dec 10, 2020


By Tom Gudekunst

Over the last several months we’ve all made changes. Some big and some small but almost certainly there have been adjustments to everyday life. There has been major volatility in many economic markets but marketers are still working hard to get the word about their company’s product or service out there. 

There has been a shift away from tradeshow type promotional items and toward other useful items to engage clients and employees.  Gifts and engagement packages must either be shipped to clients and employees or handed off at just the right moment when they are there in the office or retail space.  This has created a great opportunity to get really personal with the items.

Here’s what’s hot and trending!


Want a great walking billboard? Let us help you to create a nice looking and noticeable mask including a full-color image of your product.  Need something corporate and professional? Some of our most professional clients have been keying in on this style to keep them looking high class and protected from COVID and other environmental contaminants.

Reusable Pleated Face Mask

Reusable Pleated Face Mask 

Everyone and every business have a preferred mask and MARCO Ideas Unlimited has a ton of style options. With so many styles available we’re sure to find the one to fit your needs to look and function perfectly.

We have inexpensive limited time use styles (not to mention the single-use styles, which are not very ecofriendly so be sure to cut the earholes out, so birds do not get caught in them), triple-layer cotton and hemp styles, soft polyester double layer styles with filter pockets. You name it and we’ve got it. 

Standard Flat Cotton Face Mask with Pocket for Filter Insert

Standard Flat Cotton Face Mask with Pocket for Filter Insert

Don't forget the gaiter styles too! These are easy to wear all the time and simple to pull up over the face when needed. 

 IONSHIELD™ Cooling SPORT Mesh Neck Gaiter With SILVADUR™ Odor Control

IONSHIELD™ Cooling SPORT Mesh Neck Gaiter With SILVADUR™ Odor Control


There are many other PPE type products we’ve been selling a lot of.  Things like safe and touch-free Sanitizer stations and other signage have been popular as well as clear barriers and shields.  Touchless thermometers and even those cool heat sensors that sweep the whole room at entry points are excellent. Smaller travel-size hand sanitizers have been doing well too. Personally, I like the ones that clip on because they are handy and “hang around”.

Clip-It 1 oz Moisture Bead Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizers

Eurofit Sani-Station Pedestal Kit (Single Dispenser)



Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer - White




Drinkware has always been a high-selling and popular promotional category. Drinkware doesn’t need to have a special size list and everyone uses something to drink their drink from. Multi-use styles with a simple design and bold colors and that work with Hot and Cold beverages are leading the way 

16oz Gala Tumbler (Strawberry)

16oz Gala Tumbler (Strawberry)

In the year 2020, the need to send products directly to clients and employees has driven heavily discounted split shipment charges. Sometimes we are even able to offer to ship the goods (boxes in singles or pairs) to each recipient without an extra cost.


Imprinted apparel has continued to be huge and has completely lead the way as far as total promotional spending. We’re seeing lots of safety gear and front-of-house staff apparel as those construction and retail folks are still working hard on-site. There has been a very healthy amount of logoed clothes being sent home to increase employee engagement and improve look while on video conferencing calls.  Not to mention plenty of trendy styles being produced for retail.  New styles are released regularly so check back often or consult one of our knowledgeable salespeople for suggestions of favorites.  Seasonally timely options include

Port Authority® Men's Torrent Waterproof Jacket

Rain Jackets

 Watch Tom show off how waterproof this jacket is!

Port & Company® Knit Cap


Port Authority® Ladies' Marled Cardigan Sweater




Bags and other packaging have been gaining popularity as markets expand and regain lost ground. We’re seeing more and more paper bags use returning to the retail side of things as plastics are phased out and material fabric (like cotton) tends to be too expensive for delivery and limited use purchases such as grocery or meal delivery services. Paper may seem like a more eco-friendly option however did you know that it’s pretty much just as bad for the environment as plastic? It can be recycled however it doesn’t biodegrade like we thought it did; it takes as long to decompose and becomes completely unusable once it’s in a landfill.  Many delivery services have switched to reusable insulated fabric bags to keep hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold while it’s on the way to you.  We also have plenty of bamboo or hemp alternative material type bags so our clients can be as eco-friendly as they like or need.

Econscious - Big Accessories Hemp Pouch Econscious - Big Accessories Hemp Pouch 

Econscious - Big Accessories 6.8 oz. Hemp Simplicity ToteEconscious - Big Accessories 6.8 oz. Hemp Simplicity Tote


Classic styles and product categories have been going strong even through the changing business and retail environment and MARCO Ideas Unlimited will continue to be here to direct you in your purchasing of SWAG. We keep current and up to date on new arrivals and trends and will be ready to make qualified and quality suggestions. Reach out today to get started.

Tom Gudekunst, sales manager

Tom Gudekunst has helped organizations purchase promotional products since 2005.  He achieved his Certified Advertising Specialist designation in 2012.  He enjoys spending time with his family, including two cats, two chickens, two children, and his wife.




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