3 Ways to Advertise with Cell Phone Accessories

  • Feb 3, 2022

By Hannah Atkins

If you are reading this via a mobile app, congratulations, you are part of the 85% of Americans who own a smartphone! The Pew Research Center reported in April of 2021 that 97% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind. This means 9 out of 10 people have a cellphone on hand, ready to connect with their community at all times. According to Mobile Coach, we have our cellphones with us for roughly 16 hours a day and on average, people check their phones around 150 times per day. With an item that sees this much face time, why not take advantage of all the advertising potential it has to offer? 

With branded cellphone accessories you can put your name on convenience, deliver some excitement, and most importantly show consumers you care. As we dive more into the world of tech decor, you will see that it really is the little things that can make a huge difference when it comes to self-promotion. We recommend the following products because they are items we would want to use, so we know you and your clients will too. 

Put your name on convenience. 


Phone WalletsMobile Wallets


Successful advertising can come from more than just what is on the screen of our mobile devices. Products like mobile wallets, phone chargers, pop sockets, and even wireless headphones are fantastic cellphone accessories that can really connect with your clients' needs as well as promote your business to the public. Mobile wallets and pop sockets are a great way to associate your brand with convenience. They can be used on any style of cellphone, and are an essential tool for someone on the go. 

Multnomah-County-Student-Health-Center-Pop-SocketsPop Sockets

Want something that stands out? The Xoopar Geo Doc Charger is a wireless charging station that packs a punch. With its compact frame and quick charging rates, this item is sure to impress and look good doing it. With the variety of phone chargers and adapters we have available, we can help you find just the right one to resonate with the wants of your clientele while also maximizing your brand's logo. 

Deliver some excitement!

As the changing situations of the world have increased the use of virtual meetings and events in a lot of industries, it is more important than ever that speakers and attendees have what they need to feel important and included, even from the comfort of their own homes. The Ella Selfie Ring Light can be attached to any type of smartphone or laptop and gives you that extra glow for your morning meetings, zoom calls, or video chats. 

Miss the feeling of the corded landline in your office? The Retro Handset lets you easily convert your mobile device into an old-school telephone. Adjust the volume or answer a call with the push of a button! Items like these will surely bring a smile to those who are working or attending events virtually. At MARCO, we can help you find products that participants will want to keep long after the event. 

Let them know you care.

Since our cellphones are in our hands most of the day, let's keep them clean with the Steward UV Sanitizing Station and Charger. This product eliminates bacteria by using a UV light cleaning process. It is large enough to fit most phones and the dual function allows you to clean your mobile device or diffuse essential oils in the UV bed. The lid also serves as a wireless charger! This item would be a great welcome back to the office surprise or gift for a new hire. 

A stylus is a great sanitary item to have on hand as we use our phones. Choosing promotional items that help people feel safe is a great way to show that your company cares. Making sure people feel appreciated is key to employee retention, so provide them with something that has their health in mind.

Not only can phone accessories promote your brand, but these products are promotional items designed with the consumer in mind. When a promotional item is something people want or need for their day-to-day activities, they are more likely to retain the items they are given. We believe that the main goal of promotional products is to put your name in the hands of the consumer, so let's make the items something your clients will either use or see every single day. 

Our team at MARCO Ideas Unlimited can help you navigate the ever-changing world of branded merchandise. Let us assist you with your next project! Contact us at 503-620-0770 or email us at marcoteam@marcopdx.com.

Hannah Atkins is an Account Manager for MARCO Ideas Unlimited. After helping out with her mom's custom screen print and embroidery business while growing up, she fell in love with the process of creating custom products. Hannah understands the importance of collaboration and transparency when working with her clients. She received her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University and has been working in the promotional industry since 2019.


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