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  • Mar 21, 2022


By Nancy Gudekunst

Why do contractors use imprinted products for construction projects?  Is it worth the investment?  Check out these creative ideas to help you stand out from the competition!  Not only for your prospects but to help retain quality staff.

Construction Marketing

Put your proposal on a branded USB drive and avoid the doorstop!  This works best for eco-minded recipients.

“Build” a rendering of the proposed site out of chocolate to really “wow” your prospect.

Golf items including balls, divot fixers, towels, and drinkware are always well received, and help players talk about your company during their outing.

On The Job Construction Swag

Brand your safety cones to ensure you get them back!

Post-it® Extreme Notes with Cover

Post-it® Extreme Notes with Cover

Use our super sticky weatherproof adhesive notepads to mark punch-list items – makes a great prospect gift as well.

Signage can be as simple as a banner, or as complex as an architectural cast cornerstone. 

Construction Uniforms


Premium Black Series Women's Heavy Duty Surveyors Vest 

Ever look out onto the job site trying to find your workers in a sea of concrete, mud, and moving bodies?  You can easily spot your crew when they are wearing your logo on their safety vest, hardhat, and shirt.  Plus, outside work your personnel will be advertising your company to the community!  They may think twice about their actions knowing they are being associated with their employer.

TechSmart Gloves

TechSmart Gloves

Herrenknecht Hoodie Reflective Ink Herrenknecht Hoodie

Naturally, you will want to keep your workers safe in the field.  Proper gear includes hardhats, safety vests, rain gear, gloves, and safety glasses, all of which can carry your company imprint.  Besides safety wear orange and lime green, think about screening your logo in reflective ink on jackets – a real eye-catcher at night!

Construction Rewards

It makes good sense to keep your team looking sharp while protecting them from the elements.  Many construction companies hold a sort of “topping off” party to reward workers for achieving this milestone ahead of schedule.  This is often accompanied by a token of appreciation bearing the company name and the building name.  T-shirts are a standard offering, while insulated drinkware or hoodies may also be used.

Safety and Safety Awards

Waterproof Notepad

Waterproof Notepad

Encourage safe work habits by using safety-themed promotional items to remind your workforce every day!  Stainless clipboards have a closure to protect important papers from wind and other elements.  Other useful ideas include tools, tape measures, conductive fingertip gloves, cooling neckwear, sunglasses, rain-proof notepads, and waterproof pens.

Cooling Neck Gaiter

Cooling Neck Gaiter

The logo should be present to remind the recipient where the gift came from and/or why the gift exists, but it should be subtle so it doesn't look like the main purpose of the gift is for company advertising.  Or worse, that it was pulled from the marketing inventory at the last minute!

And if your team has performed well, consider awarding a nicer safety gift to show how important they are. The best gifts keep the recipients in mind.  I once easily took over a corporate program where outdoor-oriented, mostly men, were offered a crystal letter opener as their 5-year service award!  Talk about missing the point!  These guys wanted smoker grills or fishing poles.  Some companies offer recipients a choice of gifts which is perfect for service awards.

Herrenknecht Hoodie Reflective Ink Herrenknecht Hoodie

Carhartt® Full Swing® Cryder Jacket


Basecamp® Large Ice Block Cooler

Basecamp® Large Ice Block Cooler

Popular safety awards include personalized Carhartt jackets, hunting knives, backpacks, indestructible coolers, lighted caps and beanies, and binoculars.  Take it further with imprinted bicycles, kayaks, and paddleboards!

Juanita Frame - Red Alder 8

"I'm glad you're safe" Imprinted Photo Frame

You can include the worker’s family in honoring safety with gifts for the home including cutting boards and knife blocks.  Imagine a nice photo frame with an “I’m glad you’re safe” imprinted message.

A gift that builds up over time can get your recipients vying for more – we offer sets of Bluetooth speakers that pair with each other to complete a surround-sound experience for the listener! Imprint a different image on each speaker for a coordinated look.

Construction Swag

If you need something imprinted for your construction operation, just ask!  We’ve been working with construction companies since 1959, and we love to share our ideas.


Nancy Gudekunst

Since the mid-90's, Nancy Gudekunst, MAS, has been the 2nd generation owner of MARCO Ideas Unlimited, an Oregon family business founded in 1959. Nancy's years of experience help cut through the clutter of swag options with creative ideas that achieve goals. Certified as a WBE and DBE.


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