What type of art files are needed?

The best art for reproduction is vector-based (resizable) files with fonts converted to outlines. File extensions include .eps, .ai, or .pdf. Or send us what you have for evaluation. We can usually clean it up for a modest art charge.

What is the best decorating method for clothing?

Your logo design and the garment you are selecting will help determine the best method for decorating apparel. Lightweight fabrics with a large heavy logo should be avoided as the imprint will weigh down the clothing. T-shirts can be screen printed with a variety of methods, as well as embroidered, or even debossed! We generally recommend embroidery for dress shirts, knits, and polos. Ask your Sales Specialist about new technological breakthroughs in heat transfers, laser engraving, and other decorating methods.

What is the production time for custom promotional products?

Production time varies from 24-hour-rush for certain quick-ship products to six months for larger overseas projects. Standard production time for most customized products is two weeks. If you are in a hurry, contact your Sales Specialist to see what products are in stock and can be done and shipped to you in time for your event.

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is an art form which instructs an embroidery machine on where to punch the needle through the fabric. We work with specialists in this field to provide the very best reproduction of your artwork. A sewout proof is usually provided for client approval prior to sewing the design onto garments.

What is an overrun/underrun?

Often our manufacturers cannot make an exact quantity as ordered due to the high speed with which their equipment runs. They will place additional blanks on the line to be run, and when the initial products are printed they may remove some that are not up to quality standards due to calibration. This results in more or less products than the quantity initially desired. Extras are chargeable; and if the order is shorted, not charged

We would like a name personalization on our gifts, is that possible?

Name personalization can be done on a variety of products, from mugs and pens to calendars and sticky notes. Ask your Sales Specialist if name personalization is possible for the item you are considering.

How will my brand logo be protected?

Our company has years of experience in protecting your logo. If you have brand guidelines we will follow them. We provide a layout sheet before scheduling an order so that we both clearly understand how your logo will customize the selected product. Then, a manufacturer’s proof is presented for your final approval prior to production.

How much text can be imprinted on a pen?

Pens have one of the smallest imprint areas. Most manufacturers require a minimum of 8 point type to ensure legibility and to keep the letters from filling in. Various pens have differing imprint areas available. Ask your sales specialist to provide a free virtual proof

Can you match my brand's PMS colors?

Most of the time we can imprint your logo color in the Pantone number you specify. Some products have restrictions such as must be “coated” or “uncoated” colors. Embroidery thread is matched as close as possible to your Pantone specification.

Can you customize a new product design I've come up with?

Yes! We can provide custom products made to your specifications.

Can I see a product proof?

A product proof can be included as part of your custom order for an additional charge. Paper proofs are usually provided before a product proof is made. Random samples are available to ensure you will be satisfied with the actual product.

What is your process for producing an order?

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