Gaining Band Notoriety

  • Apr 30, 2020

By Ian Miller


How can you gain band notoriety in a profitable fashion? Due to COVID-19 the music industry has now turned completely away from point-of-purchase setups. A vast majority of band merch has historically been purchased from fans at the live events, so what now?!

Head the Hive Giveaway

Band Notoriety

Social media is the name of the game now more than ever before: Artists are flocking to video streaming platforms to keep their fans engaged. They ask for donations to either a musician’s relief fund or directly to themselves via GoFundMe, Venmo, or other avenues.

More and more of these types of events each day and the issue we will see is:

How do you keep convincing your audience to come, and keep their business after the show is over?

  • Make sure all your Zoom/video performances have a link to your merch store (example, band TURKUAZ)
  • Ensure your store is stocked with essential merch items like Tee Shirts, Hoodies, Beanies, Hats, Stickers, Enamel Pins. 
  • Offer a special discount code to those watching your performance online. I.E.: 20% off using this discount code “2020IanRocks”
  • Consider enticing the people to your set with a unique giveaway – Announce on social media that you’ll be giving away a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with your logo or design on it. “We will give away 5 of these during our live stream to the people who share, post, or interact the most.” This works for all social media, see what Bearly Dead did to give their Instagram page a boost.

With this process, your band will gain more excitement around the event. In a few months, your video performances will be tough to get people’s attention. You’ll want to keep the people supporting you with branded merch buys, not just payments to your Venmo page.

At MARCO Ideas Unlimited, we can help your Band get creative so you get the most return on your investment and stay fresh amongst your industry peers.


Ian Miller holds two Bachelor’s Degrees from Berklee College of Music (Music Business, Management & Drumset Performance). While managing three groups he also works full time offering branded merch, apparel and goods for all industries.

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