How Promotional Products Can Help In Times of Change

Oct 01, 2020

By Ian Miller Many companies are struggling to figure out how to help their communities during these times of change. Some are doing donation matching. Some are allowing time for employees to partici...

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The Founding of MARCO Ideas Unlimited

Sep 03, 2020

By Margaret Custer Ford, MAS Newly divorced, with little child support, I needed to earn money to take care of myself and two young kids, ages 1 and 3, but how? It was 1959. Women were making in...

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Specialty Advertising

Apr 16, 2020

By Margaret Custer Ford Specialty advertising is a cost-effective way to advertise your brand. In the sixties, most people smoked which made matchbooks more widely used. Advertising on a simple m...

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What is Plastic?

Apr 02, 2020

By Alyson Hills-Martin Eco-friendly products can replace plastic. Buzzwords regarding how the consumption and manufacturing of plastic are affecting the environment circulate, but what makes plast...

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