Merchandise Yourself!

  • Mar 17, 2021

By Ian Miller




Does your brand have what it takes to bring retail-looking swag to the table?

OF COURSE, IT DOES! With creative items, designs and ideas – transform yours from just a Logo on a T-Shirt to a captivating experience for whoever gives it their eye.





Relativity Sticker Pack

You might not think “cool visual design concepts” when associated with a legal software company, but Relativity has really hit the spot. Even though they were already giving their company employees an eco-friendly Bamboo T Shirt, they also wanted their kickoff gifts to have more úmpfh.


They designed a Sticker Pack, complete with a branded card and 6 decals using unique materials like clear polyester, holographic rainbow and matte over-lamination. Combine that with amazing designs (shout out to their logo done as a Deep Dish Pizza, since they’re Chicago Based), these packs carry a real wow factor that will easily drop the jaw of the recipient.




Diamond Shred GrinderDiamond Shred Grinder



One might not correlate a CBD Company as someone with great merch, but as a company that’s shipping all over the country, they wanted to offer something that would not only make them money but keep their brand in the customer’s hands for a long time. They had considered the standard Four Layer Grinders in past but wanted something much more unique; so unique that we don’t have it on our website.

Enter the Heavy Shred. 4 Layers of durable zinc for anyone that needs it, and they’re one of the only businesses in the state to offer it. Now it’s a major profit point for them, and that’s growing.  




 Custom Enamel Cake Pin

Custom Cake Enamel Pin

in 2018, we wanted to come up with a unique giveaway that would seem almost “retail” in nature. We wanted to give a nice Enamel Pin, but knew that if it was just our logo it would not be used.  Since the trade show fell on our Sales Manager’s birthday, we made a very cute Cake Pin. Our logo was engraved on the back of the pin, so as not to impede on the design that people would wear.


Businesses could easily retail pins at a 500% markup, and with all the customization and design possibilities companies can really set themselves apart.


When you’re looking for ways to be creative with your logo, please give MARCO Ideas Unlimited the opportunity to consult with you about ways to merchandise yourself whether it’s for actual retailing or just to look cooler than the company next door.




Ian Miller holds two Bachelor’s Degrees from Berklee College of Music (Music Business, Management & Drumset Performance). While managing three groups he also works full time offering branded merch, apparel, and goods for all industries.


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