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  • Jan 21, 2021

By Ian Miller

Many real estate agents, mortgage professionals, and ancillary businesses especially in steaming hot markets like Portland, Seattle, and a vast majority of California, are seeing record numbers of people taking advantage of historically low-interest rates to buy.

Realtors have chosen many times to give their client a gift, not only as a welcome into their new home but as a thank you for the business.

These gifts can range from a dinner at a 5-star restaurant to home entertainment items, vacations abroad, and many more. Many articles exist showing good and bad items to gift your clients in the Real Estate / Mortgage industry – but this one will suggest how pairing something like a resort stay with a branded item will exponentially increase your return via that client, or their referrals.

Make them feel like they’ve just won the Price is Right.

You just closed a house in Santa Monica that nets you $12,000 in commission from a well-connected client.
Upon delivering the keys, you also deliver the couple a set of Plush Terry RobesThey look at you with intrigue as to why they would need robes? Well, you wanted to give them something that’ll last after the experience they use them with, a day trip to a Couple's Day Spa.

terry plush robe

The spa is the big expenditure, and the branded Robes are the cheap part. You might be giving away a bit of your commission, but you know this client has a group of friends who they’ll refer to you for years to come.

Give them something they’ll want to keep.

urban alpaca home throw

Maybe your commission isn’t boding of a vacation or 5-star meal but you know you’ll be making more sales and want to give people something useful, comforting, and long-lasting. One thing nobody needs less of is Plush Blankets around the house. The branding is subtle and not off-putting. This is an item that will become the blanket most-fought-over when curling up on the couch for movie night!

Cool is the rule.

hive wireless speaker

Watch our video here!

As a salesperson (all Real Estate agents are), you’ll get to know your clients and their uniqueness.
Case study: The client has a real techy vibe. You design a cool photo quality artboard on a few of the pairable Hive Wireless Speakers, potentially a photo of your local mountain split between 3 of them (the pentagonal design allows for some very creative concepts), or something personalized to their lifestyle.

They all pair together and offer exceptional sound quality for the price. No, this doesn’t have to display your logo or name, but it can. 

But what about your partners?

A unique insulated Tumbler

Many agents and advisors work hand in hand with partners of all varieties. These are people who refer clients to you, help make your job seamless from day to day, and present the most professional foot forward for your image. A unique insulated Tumbler will really make them feel special. You can always choose different colorways on items like this so the design is catchy – and with full-wrap imprinting ability, you can do something beautifully decorated or personalized with the recipient’s name.


Don’t forget the online crowd.

Many people in this industry are creatively marketing themselves on Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest, and many other emerging routes. A well-crafted social media account can and will bring business and intrigue to your name. So – why not organically build your following while also rewarding them?

danville duffle bag

That’s right! A giveaway contest. Follow our page, tag 3 people who LOVE real estate, and you’re entered to win one of 3 Premium Duffel Bags.

You’ll see your following shoot through the roof for less money than targeted ads will cost.

There are many ways for people in this profession to differentiate themselves and not be tacky, and MARCO Ideas Unlimited is happy to help with real estate promotional product ideas for you that will have your impression last longer than the competition.


Ian Miller, Sales Specialist

Ian Miller holds two Bachelor’s Degrees from Berklee College of Music (Music Business, Management & Drumset Performance). While managing three groups he also works full time offering branded merch, apparel and goods for all industries.


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